UCL Tactical Analysis: Barcelona vs Roma 4:1


  1. Stegen / 2. Semedo, 3. Pique, 23. Umtiti, 18. Alba / 20. Roberto, 4. Rakitic, 5. Busquets, 8. Iniesta / 10. Messi, 9. Suarez


  1. Alisson / 25. Peres, 44. Manolas, 20. Fazio, 11. Kolarov / 6. Strootman, 16. De Rossi, 7. Pellegrini / 24. Florenzi, 9. Dzeko, 8. Perotti

Other than Philippe Coutinho, Radja Nainggolan, and Cengiz Under, both teams had their best players available for this clash. Roma played great but still lost by 1-4. The results from the Serie A teams in the Champions League Quarter-finals show that Italian football needs fundamental change to compete with the European elites.

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