The goal of this blog is to use scientific approaches and reasoning to analyze soccer.

I will write about the tactical, and analytical aspect of Serie A and MLS. I also cover Italian teams in the European competition.

I am a geneticist in the NYU Langone Medical Center. My research focus is on how an organism “scales” its nervous system properly with the target tissue. For example, how does motor neuron form sufficient axonal arborization to match muscle growth?

I did my Ph.D. at the University of Toronto focusing on genetic and drug-genetic interactions. I have participated and published in some of the pioneering works in functional genomics and bioinformatics using budding yeast as an organism.

I apply these scientific techniques to study soccer. This year I have managed to learn R and some computer programming.

Some of the data source I use:









I used to only be able to support my writing with video analysis. From now on I will focus on using data to support my video and tactical analysis.